Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Got My Insurance License, Now What Do I Do?

So, you're a brand new insurance agent, huh? That's great. Welcome to the wonderful word of life and health insurance! We are a strange bunch of folks so I'm sure you'll fit right in. I would like to give you some sound advice now that you are a licensed agent. If you were hired by an insurance company then they probably paid for you to get your license and maybe even gave you a "training salary" or some other monetary bonus. Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some of the best independent agents start with what we call a "captive agency". All that means is that you work on their schedule like a normal job. If they're a reputable business, they'll provide you with professional training, leads and true on the job training. You will have to sell their products only though and you may not get renewals until you've been with them for some number of years.
Most of the knowledge you acquired while learning about insurance won't be used on a day to day basis. Now that you have your license you'll be learning more about specific insurance companies and their products. You may be interested in selling life insurance, health insurance, medicare supplements or final expense life insurance. Whatever your specialy I would like to let you in on a little secret within the insurance business today, so pay attention.
If you really want to make alot of money and build a business that will pay you for as long as you live then I suggest you take a few notes. If you've been in sales before, you will know already that you never want to leave an appointment without a sale. That's how you get paid. If you went on an appointment for a health insurance sale but after your presentation they told you that the policy was just more than they could afford and if you're only a health insurance agent, you're done! "Thank you very much for your time, if you change your mind, let me know". That's a sad day for a professional salesperson. However, if you represent multiple companies for both health insurance AND life insurance then you have another angle. Are you starting to get the picture?
I am an insurance agent. The industry refers to me as a broker general agent. All that means is that our company, Med South Health Plans, offers agents contracts or appointments with multiple insurance companies, both life and health. This gives the agenst many options for their clients. It also allows the agents to shop for their clients which is always a great thing. If you visit you can contact us or even download some of the contracts on your own. We offer the highest commissions for new agents and couple that with great trainging and technology. Since you're new, we'll help you get started with a lead program. We have an exclusive relationship with Assurance Network, at They have helped us with the latest internet technology and website building and implementation. We could even help you set your own website just like the one at or these are websites that allow consumers to compare health insurance plans, get health insurance quotes and even apply for health insurance online. We have created our own internet lead generation website so that we will be able to provide our agents with awesome real time internet leads so they will be able to sell insurance every day. Our lead generation website is located at These are all helpful websites that will demonstrate the capabilities of Med South Health Plans. Our goal is to help brand new insurance agents get started the right way and making the most money.
I will caution very careful who you decide to contract with. Many people will give you very low commissions and will not give you day one vesting. That's important to know if you plan on building a lifetime income from your insurance sells. I would suggest that you simply contact us for any information you might need to make a decision.
Congratualtions on getting your health insurance or life insurance license and we wish you great success.